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Laurel Creek Farm sets high atop the Cumberland Plateau on the Tennessee divide. Laurel Creek forms its back border which flows into the Clear Fork River that meanders through the Big South Fork State Park. Mountain Laurel grows along the side of the creek shaded by 100+ year old hemlocks that somehow seem to grow out of the side of the solid rock banks. Numerous springs have cut their way through the soil and rock on their way to Laurel Creek forming hollows that we fence out for the sake of water quality and animal habitat. We have found if the small animals that live in these areas thrive our losses of farm animals are minimized. It seems the predatory animals would rather hunt than steal. We consider ourselves a part of nature and we are proving that a farmer does not have to be an intruder on the land. When the laws of nature are used on domesticated animals biological principles are set in motion that improve the soil, water quality, wildlife habitat, human and animal quality of life, farm economies, the atmosphere, relationships between consumer and farmer, and improvement in the quality and taste of your food.

By direct marketing our food to consumers, we offer a positive alternative to the insanity of modern industrialized agriculture. Antibiotics, steroids and dangerous feed additives are routinely used in industrialized agricultural production because they use unnatural production systems. When a farmer puts a farm animal in a natural setting and uses clean husbandry practices, these “crutches” are simply not needed. When our production systems mimic nature we eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers which burn organic matter and kill earth worms. We do not need the pesticide which is contaminating our water and giving us cancer. If there is a problem on a farm there is a natural solution! We seek out that natural solution; usually it is an animal using its physiological distinctiveness for our benefit. We let pigs be pigs, we let goats be goats, and chickens be chickens. This allows them to function naturally and make the worlds’ best food for our customers.

Our customers are the coolest people on Earth. I watch them take time out of their busy lives to come by a farmer’s market, some just to buy local, some, because they want to support farmers, and others just because they want something decent to eat! Many of our customers do not realize the impact they are making by spending their money with us. They do not realize that money spent away from the supermarket meat counter is like a vote against animal abuse. I do realize this and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. All of the animals on this farm are loved and respected, we owe them that. We owe our customers the very best food that money can buy for they allow me to enjoy a job which I was clearly born to do.

Thank you!!

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