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Goats perform a valuable service at Laurel Creek Farm. They turn plants that other species loath into valuable protein and then fertilizer. They are a dead end host for cattle parasites and cattle are a dead end host for theirs. They give us organic weed control, organic de-wormer, free fertilizer, and meat to sell! The health benefit of their meat is widely known. We raise ours on pasture and browse only. Nelle, our Great Pyrenese guard dog watches over them and the other animals. She seems to love the Turkeys as much as the goats!



Browse Raised Chevon

Whole-Cut to order $6.99 lb.
Ground Chevon $6.99 lb.
Stew $9.50 lb.
Chops $11.85 lb.
Roast $10.85 lb.

Served in fine restaurants like
Per Se in New York City.

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