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Grass-fed Lamb

Lamb is one of our best sellers, we sometimes find ourselves sold out. We are in the process of expanding our herd in an effort to keep up with demand. Our lambs are fed nothing but green grass and legumes and run with the goats and cows. We have gotten very positive feedback from the chefs who have tried our lamb. It seems every animal makes a better product when grown responsibly.


Grass-fed Lamb

Raised naturally – No grain.
No Antibiotics or Hormones.

Chops $ lb
Leg Steak $11.50 lb
Leg of Lamb $12.50 lb
Shoulder Steak $9.49 lb
Ribs $4.50 lb.
Ground Lamb $6.50 lb
Liver $4.99 lb
Whole Lamb $8.50 lb

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