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Pasture-Raised Chickens

At Laurel Creek Farm broiler chickens are raised on pasture. We place them in portable pens at ten days of age and move them daily. This movement forces exercise by the lazy broilers and stimulates ingestion of fresh grass and legumes. A natural diet like this packs the bird with nutrition and flavor. When they are moved away from yesterday’s excrement, it eliminates the need for antibiotics and pesticides. Chickens that are raised in huge confinement houses are denied a natural diet, fed an unnatural diet, de-beaked, over-crowded, never get a breath of fresh air or much exercise. A very important difference in our chickens and store chickens is in the processing. Store chickens are processed by the millions in huge plants staffed by people who will never see their consumer. Chickens are eviscerated using automated equipment which can splatter manure on the inside of the carcass; but never fear, they are dipped into a chlorine bath solution by the hundreds of thousands. This kills the bacteria but do you want to eat chicken that is washed in fecal soup? Assembly lines go so fast that the USDA inspectors only get a glance at a bird! Our chickens are processed by a small, family run certified organic processor who shakes the hand of every customer. The inspector has all day to inspect 300 birds. There is a big price difference in industrial chicken and our chicken but we believe there is an even bigger difference in quality.


Pasture-Raised Chicken

Whole Chickens $3.50 lb
Drumsticks $4.25 lb
Thighs $5.25 lb
Bone-in Breast $6.95 lb
Wings $3.70 lb
Liver $3.89 lb
Heart $3.89 lb

Our chickens are raised in portable shelters which are moved daily to stimulate ingestion of green pasture and exercise. Lower in Saturated Fat, phosphates, arsenic, cruelty free, never de-beaked, no artificial light; cooking loss 9% vs. 20% for industrialized chicken. NO Antibiotics or Hormones.

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