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Laurel Creek Farm Pasture-Raised Pork

At Laurel Creek Farm pork is probably our biggest selling meat. Due to a lack of investment in the huge concrete confinement buildings, which create animal welfare problems, and stink to high heaven, we are able to compete with industrialized pork on price. A taste is necessary to fully appreciate the difference in quality. Confinement hogs are fed a ration that sometimes includes arsenic and are denied a natural diet; which includes legumes, plant roots, grubs, nuts and fruit. Most farmers consider this rooting of a pasture a very bad problem, but we use this very important instinct as an advantage. We place these pigs on very rough, rocky ground and move them periodically to a fresh area, which allows rest for the old area and helps with parasite problems.

Their rooting behavior along with the natural fertilizer from all the hauled-in feed improves this soil so it can grow better grasses for the other grazing animals. In just three years, we have had an almost worthless pasture turn into a lush green landscape. All we did was haul in the corn and soybeans and the pigs did all the work, which they enjoyed very much I might add.

Served in prestigious restaurants such as Blackberryfarm and The French Laundry.

Pasture-Raised Pork

Allowed Pasture and Sunshine
No Antibiotics or Hormones
Exercise Makes meat more lean
Taste the difference between
Confined-raised pork and

Sausage $2.50 lb
Chops $6.99 lb
Boston Butt $3.99 lb
Fresh Bacon $3.99 lb
Seasoned Bacon $4.90 lb
Ribs $4.50 lb
Sugar Cured Ham $4.50 lb
Tenderloin $9.99 lb
Smoked Bacon $6.50 lb

Call for pricing on Whole or Halves

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