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Pasture-Raised Turkey

Our turkeys are raised much like our broiler chickens, until they reach the age of eight weeks old. When they reach that age, we raise their shelter up on blocks, much like an old chevy. We place electric netting around them which gives them a much bigger territory to hunt for bugs and graze. We expand their territory as they grow and move it frequently. They can still use their shelter but at this age it is much less imperative. Turkeys are extremely entertaining to raise, and they enjoy my singing more than any other animal on the farm. As they come to me in a trot, I am amused and saddened at the same time. All turkeys should be range-raised like this. It is an absolute travesty how this American bird is being mass produced in this country. Most birds never even see sunshine, let alone get to bathe in it. A turkey was once our national bird. This Thanksgiving, be a traditionalist, the Pilgrims ate a free-range turkey!


$3.99 lb. for Whole (12-25 lb)

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